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Protecti​​​​​​on Plan​

Accidents happen...let us help you protect your investment:

Give yourself the peace of mind to know that your new furniture investment is protected against accidents like stains and tears.

Fabric, Vinyl & Leather Protection

Protects your new fabric for five years from accidental stains or damages that occur during normal use.

Warranted Coverage for:
  • Accidental stains caused by any food or beverage normally consumed by humans;stains caused by human or pet bodily fluids.
  • Accidental stains caused ink, iodine, nail polish, lipstick, crayon.
  • Accidental damage from rips, cuts, burns, and punctures from a single occurrence.
Spills Occur: If a spill occurs, blot with a clean cloth or sponge. If the spill stains call Guardsman Immediately.